Statistical Forensic Analysis

As part of the CSAFE consortium, we are exploring statistical methods for the forensic analysis of user-generated event data that has been extracted from digital devices. We are developing likelihood-ratio based approaches capable of addressing source-/identity-based questions about digital evidence patterns and quantifying the strength of that evidence for a forensic investigation.

This work will be presented at the upcoming American Academy of Forensic Sciences 2022 Scientific Conference.

COVID Awareness and Mobility Groups

The UCI COVID Awareness Group built and maintains a dashboard for visualizing the trends of hospitalizations, ICU patients, cases, and deaths of COVID-19 in California. The data used to construct the dashboard comes from the California Open Data Portal and the Orange County Health Agency. We are also investigating if cellphone mobility data can be useful in predicting the behavior of the COVID-19 pandemic and future pandemics.

Check out our website for more information and the California dashboard.

UCI Machine Learning Repository

I am a graduate student researcher on the team working to renovate the UCI Machine Learning Repository co-advised by Dr. Sameer Singh, Dr. Padhraic Smyth, and Dr. Phillip Papadopoulos. For this project, we are working on compiling more comprehensive and structured metadata for datasets, enabling reproducible analyses through software containers, and using text analysis to track and link dataset citations in the literature.

Check out the beta version of the website here.